Henry Sanderson

Henry Sanderson was born 2 October 1834 in Newcastle NSW, and died 26 January 1893 in 'Sunnyside' Wallabadah NSW. He married Elizabeth Henderson 24 March 1856 in St James c/e Morpeth NSW, daughter of James Henderson and Janet McNab. She was born 1838 in Windsor NSW, and died 18 February 1922 in Wallabadah NSW.

Henry was also baptised twice, the first time at Christ Church, Newcastle NSW with his older brother, George, and the second time at St Peters, East Maitland NSW with his sisters and brother, Ellen, Jane, Mary Ann and George. Henry married in 1856 at St James Anglican Church, Morpeth NSW when he was 21 years of age to Elizabeth Henderson who was 17 years of age. The Rev John R Bloomfield performed the ceremony and James Henderson and Jane Sanderson, Elizabeth's new sister in law, witnessed the signing of the register. Henry and Elizabeth continued to live in Morpeth NSW after their marriage. Henry was a gardener. Their first child was born in the year following their marriage and died aged four months. Their second child was born on week after their third wedding anniversary. They had eight children in all and apart from the heartache of the loss of the first born, the others all lived to adulthood. In September 1862 Henry placed a notice in the Maitland Mercury posing a reward of one pound for the return of a mare in foal that had strayed. In 1863 and 1869 Henry's children's baptism records show that Henry was a labourer. Sometime between 1870 and 1872, Henry and his family moved to Bundarra NSW and worked on 'Clerkness' station for a short time. He then selected a property at Wallabadah NSW called 'Sunnyside'. The youngest three children of the family of eight were born at 'Sunnyside'. The property was of 248 acres and in 1885 in the Tamworth NSW stock census Henry was noted to have seven horses, ten cattle and four pigs. He farmed the property for nearly twenty years and when ill health prompted his retirement he went to live with his son Lancelot on Woodton Road, Wallabadah NSW. Henry died aged 59 years in 1893 of Jaundice and was buried in the cemetery at Wallabadah NSW. His estate was valued for probate - five young cattle and 450 sheep at three shillings per head; seven horses at ten pound per head; six acres of corn (a very poor crop and about to be destroyed by stock) valued at five pounds; one dray valued at five pounds; Land: 40 acres of freehold valued at 80 pounds and 288 acres of conditional purchase land (if freehold, valued at 504 pounds). Elizabeth was widowed for 29 years and her son Lancelot and his wife, Sarah, lived on 'Sunnyside' and ran the property. She died in 1922 aged 84 years and at the time of her death the estate was valued - Land: portion 68 of 40 acres, portion 69 of 40 acres, portion 234 of 80 acres, portion 246 of 48 acres 1 rood, portion 194 of 40 acres, portion 93 of 40 acres, portion 73 of 40 acres, value 1395 pounds 5 shillings; 42 shares in British Australian Wood realisation Association Limited at 15 shillings, corresponding Priority Wool Certificate at 10 shillings 4 pence in the pound. Elizabeth was buried beside her husband in the cemetery at Wallabadah NSW.

Extract from R.I.P - The Sanderson Family Morpeth Contributions from the research of Alison Morris, Wendy Nott, Shirley Potter and Libby Fry.